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Katja Hello! My name is Kate. This is my private blog, containing things I find interesting - in format which suits tumblr, but wouldn't be particularly fitting for facebook,twitter,linkedin etc.


"Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it."

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The best thing about pregnant women is free Wi-Fi.

Follow the above blog, don’t miss out :)



The best thing about pregnant women is free Wi-Fi.

Follow the above blog, don’t miss out :)

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And I thought only my cat is like that

And I thought only my cat is like that

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Sunday 17 Mar 2013

Sunday 17 Mar 2013

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"Sites that rely on [ads] will need to evolve out of it or they will eventually die off. Because one of these days the advertisers are going to wise up and stop buying into this dying model. Complaining about ad blocking reminds me of when the television industry complained about DVR technology or when the music industry complained about the sales of blank cassette tapes. If you don’t stay ahead of technology, technology will render your business model null and void."

Saturday 16 Mar 2013

Jeff Gerstmann

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Saturday 16 Mar 2013


Emperor Napoleon’s engagement ring to Josephine.

How classically beautiful. 

This is perfect even nowadays. That’s why classic and simple is usually the best choice. Mine has a tiny sapphire too! ; )

Failed to find perfect solution to integrate social media

Sunday 10 Mar 2013

What I wanted is being able to sync updates between several social media. I know you can grant access, connect services, simultaneously post on twitter+fb, retweet, repost etc., but wanted something more: plan was to have literally everything in one place : )

What I cared about the most was possiblity to automatically post chosen tweets to LinkedIn using #li or #in, like it could be done in past. But: Twitter cut off API access to LinkedIn (July 2012).

After that, solution which worked for a bit, before Twitter saw what’s going on, was to use for example IFTTT, which allows to sync also plenty of other sites: FB, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube, so it seemed perfect. Unfortunately IFTTT was forced to remove Twitter “triggers”, disabling ability to push tweets to some places. That makes IFTTT completely useless for me: either everything or nothing.

I do understand Twitter policy though.

Think I will give up on researching this topic further : )

Female Character Models in FPS…?

Saturday 09 Mar 2013

Was watching some gameplay walkthrough of Tomb Raider, made by Chris Smoove. It really refreshed idea inside my head, that it would be really nice to always have option of creating female character also in FPS.


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